The Isle of Ithaca

Famously known as the home of Odysseys, a small island located in the Ionian sea. A perfect getaway for a week-long Yoga retreat. With Bristol City Yoga, we stayed at Itha108, a retreat center located in the middle of breath-taking scenery and stunning nature. I probably used my shoes maybe for an hour each day (walk to the beach, hehe) and the only time spent inside was for sleep.

The view from my balcony



Every morning, the alarm went off around 8am. After sipping hot lemon water or coffee (let’s face it I’m not all that pure), the morning proceeded by 2 hours of flowy Hatha practice and Meditation led by Laura Gilmore.

The Yoga Platform



We practiced under a roof or trees and leaves, and Laura – the brilliant teacher she is, led a gentle and at times (if you felt like challenging), dynamic asana practice with some advanced posture work. The Asana practice was tailored according to individual needs and experience, making it a perfect package for developing one’s own practice.


Following the morning practice, the lovely staff cooked us a rich brunch.


AAAAND then beach action!


Dipping into the warm Mediterranean sea.


Time for lunch……….. Every day we got a cooked vegetarian brunch, lunch and dinner. 

Living the dream: good food without the effort of choosing right? GAHHH…

Evening practice for 2 hours. 4 hours a day does sound quite strenuous? But Laura did a wonderful balance of Asana practice and Meditation, I don’t think I’ve in my life felt ever so light in my corpse :D. The vegetarian diet, gentle opening movements and fresh air. I was able to push my body quite a bit as the practice didn’t feel strenuous.
(Even though it probably secretly was HAH.)


Practice by the Lemon Tree


Dinner in this scenery. Makes the food taste even better….


The house we stayed in had a breathtaking scenery to the mountains of Kefallinia. Every night we admired the pink sky and dramatic sunset.


Puppy cuddles. Olympia was the sweetest guardian doggo: she made sure we don’t have to go to the beach without an escort.


Demonstrating Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)


My friend Christina doing Ardha Matsyendrasana

PA030972 3.jpg

Laura practicing handstands at our private beach. (Not actually private, just hard to find hehe ;)) lucky we had the guide dog)



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2 thoughts on “The Isle of Ithaca

  1. Teki mieli itkeä onnesta kun luin tän! Oot upee!!! Ja mä oon niin onnellinen että päätit alkaa jakamaan sun viisauksia meille muillekin. ❤


    1. BÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ <333333 senki mussukka


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