Koli Through Pictures

Probably not the most ideal time to travel to Northern Finland, although the rugged nature and grey skies have their own dramatic charm to them.


The trip was a real spontaneous one, so our first, second, third and fourth options were pretty much booked. Living in a tent was not really an option, as it gets dark around 3pm.:D Like what are you supposed to do without wifi?? Talk?!


But we found this lovely cottage to rent. It was on an island called Hattusaari. This was about 20min drive from the village of Koli. We spent the weekend just me and my sister, and it was pretty much as good as it could get. Walking, food, laughter and the dog<3 Can’t remember laughing as much in a long time. And I’m a cheap audience.


Krista on top of Ukko-Koli. Most of the hiking begins with these grand views over the lake Pielinen.


The national view is actually quite attainable. If you’re not all that into hiking and would rather soak in the spa; the grandest of the views are max 1km away from Sokos Hotel Koli. I suggest a quick nip and then back to the hot tub.


We did a loop of 18km which consisted of Ukko-Koli – Pärnälahti – Koli Harbour. I think they’ve used the word harbour quite broadly as there was about A BOAT, so I’m unsure if it really qualifies as a harbour.:D Trekking without heavy packs felt so light and 18 km went easily into 5 hours. Even though we stopped lots. There was not a lot of elevation either. (Speaking in the range of the Netherlands to the Alps.) But a fair bit of ups and downs for Finland 😉


The charm of greyness is that you’re the only insane person likely to be out =) We got the entire national park for ourselves.


From the harbour, before hiking up Ukko-Koli.

We were done with the walk around 1:30pm and headed back to the cottage for some food.


After the loop back to the cottage for a sauna and a swim in fucking painful November water 😀 It makes you feeeeel soooooo goooood though.


Proof I went in. After the sauna & swimming, it was pretty much pitch black by 5pm. We were quite knackered in the cottage like; is it appropriate to go to bed already?! 😀 But the evening went quite quickly by watching TV. Neither of us owns a TV, so we were pretty flipping excited about watching trash TV for the first time in like 5 years. Super exotic haha.


The next day before heading home, we did a quick loop around Savijärvi Nature Reserve, by road 504. Causeways are so endearing…


From the way back. 🙂


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