The Four Waterfalls

Possibly one of the most beautiful trails I’ve been to at the Breacon Beacon National park. Located near Ystradfellte, the start point of the walk is really easy to find (there’s payed parking, but we left our car a bit further.) The paths are well marked and  the loop is about 8km. But as we’re basically made out of steel, we decided to make this into a 20km walk(?!) But the waterfalls…. They’re grand… magical…. and what is it about waterfalls that always gets me hypnotized? Anyway – the furthest waterfall from Ystradfellte – Sgwd yr Eira – you can walk from underneath. I MEAN, HOW WHIMSICAL IS THAT!


And as for the weather – the five times I’ve ever been to Wales it’s always rained. For some reason I find it really hard to dress accordingly in the UK… Always too hot, too cold, too wet or something that is quite fundamental (like gloves) is left home:D


And for the trail – a strong recommendation for walking boots. We came home about knee deep in mud:P It might have been because our “little” detour through the bog..


The first waterfall is about 20 minute walk away from the parking lot.


The Upper Clungwyn Falls. Beautiful walls of greenery growing all over.

And as for now, it was Perham’s master plan to make the super easy and mellow Sunday walk into a survival battle. (We have a tendency to do this..) We crossed from the waterfall loop and walked through shitty-paths through bogs we’re we were knee deep in mud:D Definitely type 2 fun that I can appreciate now as I’m all dry again.


Before shit got real. Btw if you don’t see sheep on your walk you’re probably not in Wales.


Then after a loooooooooooooooot of trouble and some helpful Welsh peeps (at one point we found ourselves from a golf course…) we found ourselves from Sgwd yr Eira. In my opinion the most impressive of the four. The trail goes from underneath the waterfall and has been used by sheep farmers.


Tiny humans for scale.


The perfect spot for a lunch. Lucky we got here just at the time we did. As we we’re enjoying our lunch a group of teenagers stripped into their birthday suits and hopped in the pool.:D


A little Robin joined our lunch.


And we continued our way to Sgwd y Pannwr. (Rich is looking kinda weathered after our epic.) The late December sun painted everything kinda pink and I took last pics of the day before darkness fell. Too bad I learned the correct exposure just at the last waterfalls. Ah well next time!


It’s impossible to capture their real charm in pictures. They always just tend to look like tiny streams that an asthmatic is blowing through a straw. You just need to experience them. Anyway – if you have any questions please leave them at the comment box. I’m more than happy to help.:-) Hope you enjoyed reading!

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