As a kid we spent a lot of time in the quite rural areas of Northern Finland. It’s kinda sparked a long lasting love for untouched nature and well – exile.:D So my heart from time to time begs me to go back to a 700 ppl village called Sirkka. Sirkka has approximately 600 000 visitors annually, turning the small village into a tourist central. The village of Sirkka has basically been built around “Mt” Levi (Fjell, in Finnish), which is 530m above sea level, so for Finland – a decent mountain.:D


As a kid I had my fair share of downhill skiing, and as I’ve grown older the sport doesn’t hold quite as much enthusiasm for me. There’s not a real struggle there, just need to stay up:D Now I’m seeking to go to places where I can be alone, in untouched nature.


SO new absolute favourite winter sport. Fjell Kätkä is a humble 504 meters above the sea level and located in the village of Sirkka, right by Levi. The entire way up, Fjell Levi stays behind, and the view opens to the vastness of Lapland. Making you feel so incredibly small and insignificant. How can there even be so much space in the world? If you want to experience the opposite of a jam-packed London rush-hour Tube at Oxford Circus you need to visit Lapland.


The entire round trip was about 7km. The route is a back and fourth one and well marked, but as me and Krista are allergic to going back the same way – we decided to go down off route.


Still laughing at the pic below. Snow-shoeing on top of the incredible nature is a sure cardio workout. I burned over 1400kcal in 4 hours.:D  Such a good lesson to learn to operate in snow without the commitment of being anywhere too remote. (Hence, get saved easily)

_DSC3872 2.jpg

(Pick from Ylläs-Pallastunturi National park. Just to demonstrate what swimming in snow is like.)

One false step and you sink waist deep into powder. And it doesn’t help that you have a curious doggo sniffing around weather you’re still alive. Krista & me laughed so hard at each others struggles.:D


We found the marked route up Kätkä kinda mundane. Still craving for that untouched nature we decided to go down the western face of Kätkä. If you keep going straight, eventually you hit some ski trails and make your way back to the Levi center.


The view down from the west face of Kätkä. The lens froze over because of my breath:D:D:D still think it’s a pretty shot. Kinda captures the coldness.


4 hours of daylight gives just the right amount of time to climb up Mt Kätkä and come down without a hurry.  I think there’s a definite plus on the short days:

+ there’s rarely any tourists after new year

+ the days are beautiful because of the constant sunrise/sunset. Everything is pastel pink. If the weather is sunny, the colder it gets and so the prettier. I was really antsing to go out at -24c.

+ short days leaves a lot of down time for watching TV, knitting and general lazing off business:P AAAAND re-fuelling haha


My face after spending the entire day in -24 celcius. Had a bit of a worry the entire time, if our car is going to start in the cold?  IT DIIIID!!

Plans for my next trip:

  • Summer 2018: Kayak trek in Lake Inari – we did this in 2016, but I’ve been dying to go again. Best island hopping ever. It’s the third biggest lake in Finland and there’s over 3000 islands. It’s incredible.
  • Winter 2018/2019: Ski trek at Lake Inari – from wilderness hut to hut. Need more daylight for this one though.
  • Tromsa 2018/2019- the frigging FJOOOORDS. How come we didn’t get any?!?!?  Kinda jellies for the Norwegians. But hey, having a shitload of lakes, which is pretty cool too.


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