I Forgot How to Sapiens

Everybody wants to be the average person, but at the same time, nobody does. Be pretty, be nice, have lots of friends, look nice in a bikini, but still eat donuts. Have a boyfriend but be independent, consume the right products but not too much. Be mindful of the environment, but don’t be an activist. Have something interesting to say, but don’t be a know-it-all. Work hard, but don’t get burned out. Get a good job, but really what’s the point as Artificial Intelligence is going to replace me anyway? Have a decent amount of Instagram followers, but don’t be addicted to your phone.

Life has never been this easy for Homo Sapiens (biologically speaking, we have less chance of getting squashed, eaten, beaten or killed by a disease), but at the same time, Millenials are affected by an environment that is full of expectations, contradictions, and dissonance. And statistically speaking, the average person suffers way more than it used to. When did being a human become so difficult?

Like any good millennial, I have it all figured out. Contented living in the digital age. Knitting, climbing, yoga and only the occasional meltdown. Enjoy!

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